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Grip Cap Covers - Eeveelution

Grip Cap Covers - Eeveelution

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How Many?

These are just covers for your controllers. Joycon or controllers do not come with this item.

[[ Please let me know which ones you would like for your caps at checkout ]]
[[ Full Set is one of each eeveeltion so 9 caps total ]]

Cute small rubber joycon covers that can also fit on those holed sandals as shoe charms.

Each cap is under 1inx1in size. About 0.8in

Can fit on these controllers
- Switch
- OLED Switch
- Switch Pro Controller
- Valve Index Knuckle controllers

Can kinda fit on
- Xbox One (bends inwards ;v;)

Doesn't fit on...
- Steam Deck
- PS4

These are just cap/cover so they can probably fit on many things other than controllers!

[[ Don't know the eevee names? ]]
Eevee - Brown/Lightbrown
Flareon - Orange/Lightbrown
Jolteon - Yellow/White
Vaporeon - Blue, has fins instead of ears
Espeon - Purple/Red dot
Umbreon - Black/ Yellow circle
Leafeon - Yellow/Green, eating leaf
Glaceon - Blue, looks like it has bangs
Sylveon - Pink/White

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