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Enamel Pins - Umbreon and Espeon - Gold

Enamel Pins - Umbreon and Espeon - Gold

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There was no standards of these pins. All of them had scratches and dimples in the large metal area, the halfmoon part. 

[Pin Detail]

  • Hard Enamel
  • Gold Plating
  • Two rubber clutch
  • Size is 2in

✅ [Standard Pin] ✅

  • Slight flaws. Not very noticeable at normal view.
  • Some scuffs or scratches
  • Small specks or dust.
  • Colors may look different in person.

❌ [Flawed Pin] ❌

  • Noticeable flaws
  • Low/overfilled or bubbling in the enamel
  • Wrong color
  • Deep scratches or dents
  • Heavy oxidation
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